Mini Paris-Brest with White Chocolate & Crystallised Fruit

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When it was first made, it was made to remember the wheels of bicycles. I don’t know about you, but I will make sure that I will make these for me and my friends the next time

I have the chance to. I think that it is pretty simple, so I wouldn’t have a hard time baking it, as much as the next person.


70g plain flour
50g butter
2 large eggs

250ml double cream
1 tsp vanilla paste or extract
150g white chocolate
140g crystallised fruits , chopped
2 tbsp toasted flaked almonds , chopped
icing sugar , for dusting

White Chocolate & Ricotta Cheesecake

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I was looking for a great dessert to serve my family after a Sunday lunch at home, and I couldn’t help but to serve this cheesecake.

I was planning to serve it for snack time, but I told myself to just serve it then and there, when my family’s attention is still with me. It was a lucky choice, and I loved how great they thought it was.

Cherry-and-Chocolate Bûche de Noël

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There is no better time to bake sweet treats than when Christmas is coming closer, and this Buche de Noel would be perfect for that day.

It is lighter than many other recipes of the same kind because the egg whites were beaten in the batter, and that the buttercream is replaced with whipped cream. I prefer this recipe over the others, simply because it is lighter, and I believe that you will also like it.

Cranberry Christmas Cake

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It is absolutely amazing that until now, recipes are still being updated and made by all bakers.

For one, I love learning new chocolate recipes, as these are very good to eat, especially cakes. These cake might be a bit difficult for new bakers, but it is still possible to make this one, as long as they are capable of following strict instructions.

Angela’s Lighter Chocolate Tart

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Life will never be easy, and so, you have to take a break at times. It would do you good to eat something that would make you forget about your stressful being, and just enjoy what life has to offer you.

It’s not heavy at all, even when it is made of mousse. It’s going to be something that would raise your expectations for desserts, for sure.

Pears with Speedy Choc Sauce

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Let go of your diet for once, and indulge in this sweet recipe. It is too simple that you don’t even have to take time making this. I can also assure you that it would taste great, making you want to have it every time you can.

Diet or no diet, you can eat it without fearing the added pounds.


2 x 410g cans pear halves in syrup
100g chocolate , chopped into small chunks
8 scoops vanilla ice cream
2 tbsp chopped hazelnuts

Orange Chocolate Tart

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Have you ever thought of what to bake for the next time your friends visit you?

Think no more, because you could definitely make this tart for them the next time! It is definitely not just good to look at, but it also tastes great! I doubt that someone would tell you that it isn’t going to taste great because I assure you, it tastes better than any other orange chocolate recipes I’ve tried.

Tia Maria & Chocolate Creams

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Enjoy a few spoonful of this dessert, and tell me how good it is. This is an irresistibly great dessert that anyone from your family would enjoy too.

Serve it after having a scrumptious dinner at home, and your family would definitely love it. I think that this would also be perfect for any occasion or even when there is no occasion; that’s how good it is.


50g dark chocolate , 70% cocoa, broken into squares
150ml double cream
2 tbsp Tia Maria (or use another liqueur such as Cointreau, Grand Marnier or Kahlua)
cocoa powder , for dusting
Cantuccini or amaretti biscuits , to serve

Chocolate Truffle Star Cake

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I like desserts that I could store in my freezer and leave until I’m ready to eat it. It seems likely that I would indulge myself with this dessert, especially because it is a great dessert.

My mother-in-law brought the same cake for a dinner party I hosted once, and it was then that I fell for this recipe. Without a word left to say, I guess I’ll wrap up telling you just how great this dessert is.

Profiteroles with White & Dark Chocolate Filling

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I have always liked surprises, and this one is no exception. I love how the dark and white chocolates were inside, not even mixing with each other as it filled the pastry.

I also have always been interested with profiteroles, and this is not doing anything to lessen my love for it. If ever, it had only increased my love for it.