Double Chocolate Mousse

Here’s a photo of brilliant and exquisite white and dark chocolate puds for every occasion from

If you are looking for the perfect dessert, then look no further. I have here with me one of the best and the most amazing cold recipe to fill your visitor’s palate with heavenly taste.
This Double Chocolate Mousse recipe is perfect for everyone who wants to get good reviews for their parties. I actually made some for my daughter’s party and every mom who attended began to compliment how tasty these bites are.


  • 100g/4oz plain chocolate
  • 100g/4oz white chocolate
  • 150ml/¼ pt double cream
  • 3 large Lion Quality eggs, separated
  • 2 tbsp /30ml orange flavoured liqueur, brandy or rum (optional)
  • Grated chocolate or cocoa, to decorate