Old Fashioned Chocolate Cherry Milkshake

A surprisingly beautiful and delish photo of a clearly must-try dessert from allwomenstalk.com.

Wow! This could be the ultimate drink of the century. From the moment, I have seen this recipe I knew that it would be perfect as refreshers for almost every occasion.
This Old Fashioned Chocolate Cherry Milkshake is a fancy way of enjoying the life. I thought the lines were basically part of the glass; try to find out, they were actually hot fudge syrup. Changing the lines using strawberry syrup would make this one a thirst-quencher for Valentine’s Day.

2 cups Cherry Chocolate Chip DREYER’S or EDY’S SLOW CHURNED Light Ice Cream *
3/4 cup Simply Rich Chocolate Syrup (recipe below), room temperature or chilled