Chocolaty Full-of-Nuts

Chocolate Nut Bark

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The combination of nuts and chocolates is always amazing, and I doubt that you’d be able to resist having this recipe in your list of must-tries.

It seems like I’ve been giving you links to pleasurable and mouthwatering desserts, and I plan on sending more, if it means that you’d be able to gain new knowledge about desserts that are greater than some of those you’ve had before.


2 cup(s) semisweet, bittersweet, or milk chocolate chips, melted (see Tips & Techniques)
1 1/2 cup(s) assorted nuts, such as hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews, plus more for garnish

Chocolaty Full-of-Nuts

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Have you ever dreamt of having delicious tasting cookies that are not only chocolaty but also nutty as well? Look no further; this recipe is out to blow you off. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this uniquely all-nuts recipe; you’ll not even dare give some.

This Chocolaty Full-of-Nuts recipe is undeniably the best nut experience I have ever had. I simply can’t resist its sublime look. Plus, it’s very easy-to-do you won’t even mind your kids helping out.