Coconut and Chocolate Cheesecake

White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

This dessert from is the best recipe of white chocolate cheesecake that you will ever find.

You wouldn’t have to bake this cheesecake to make it delicious. This is easy to make, and although it seems like a heavy dessert, it isn’t really.

It bursts with summer flavors that you would surely love to eat every time you see it. It would be very great for snack time, and you would truly love it even more once you have a real taste of it.


2 x 150g bars white chocolate
2 x 300g tubs soft cheese (we used Philadelphia)
284ml pot double cream
50g caster sugar
170g punnet raspberries
5 tbsp raspberry jam
85g amaretti biscuits
200g small strawberries
a few blueberries (optional)

Raspberry & Milk Chocolate Cheesecake

Another scrumptious sweet recipe from

Cheesecakes are truly my favorite desserts. If I were to pick which of the desserts I would love to eat on a daily basis, I would very much say that I love this exact dessert.

Add to that the raspberry and the delicious chocolates. I wouldn’t deny it if someone asks me if I would like to have some of it.

Chocolate Chestnut Cake

Nutty chocolate cake recipe from
The nuttiness in brownies is what I love about it. With this cake, I think I’ve found my new favorite, especially because it has chestnut on it.

But no, it does not have crushed chestnuts on it. In fact, the only chestnut you’re going to find on it is through its flour, so you don’t have to worry about the nuts that would get stuck up your teeth.

Blackforest Chocolate Cheesecake

A picture of a dessert with an exciting blend of taste, flavors, and elements from

I’m really enjoying this recipe right now. I never knew that cheesecakes and black forests would turn out to be a very delicious combo. Now, my kids demand for more of these very now and then.

This Black Forest Chocolate Cheesecake is a very unique combination of flavor. Nonetheless, it is very surprising that they do complement each other in a manner that is said to be supremely delicious.

Beetroot Chocolate Cake

Here’s a blissful photo of a fine-dining recipe from

Beetroot and chocolate? Say what? – exactly the same reaction I had when I first stumbled into this recipe. I really thought that this isn’t possible until I grabbed my first bite.

This Beetroot Chocolate Cake is chocolaty-rich. The creamy filling makes it all the more worth every bite. This is probably one of the best cakes to serve in a grown-up birthday celeb.


  • 3 medium beetroot (approx. 300g)
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 3 large eggs
  • 250ml vegetable oil
  • 75g cocoa powder
  • 250g self-raising flour
  • 1½ tsp bicarbonate of soda


Coconut and Chocolate Cheesecake

A picture of a flavorful classic chocolate cake recipe from

A single look on this picture, and I am very positive that you’ll want to try this out over the weekend. The chocolate and coconut combination with the touch of rum is really heavenly.

This Coconut and Chocolate Cheesecake has this Caribbean taste everyone will surely love. The coconut garnish gives a crunchy contrast to the soft and smooth cake.