valentine’s day pretzels

Valentine’s Black Forest Cake

A picture of a very inviting chocolate cake recipe from

Wow! This mini cake recipe is just gorgeous. I have never seen such a beautiful black forest cake for years now. This will ultimately be the best sensational treat that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Girls would really dig this recipe, for sure.

This Valentine’s Black Forest Cake is an ultimate diva cake. All the women would surely do everything for this: say “I do,” give a kiss, or worst, break the golden rules of dieting.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

This lovely photo comes from the Dolcetto Confections Blog.

Chocolate covered pretzels are always a great snack, but here they are taken to the next level!

The cute heart sprinkles would make this a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for a pretzel lover. Unique and delicious!