white nonpareils

Smores White Chocolate Dessert

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I guess that this is the dessert that everyone in the family would love. Who wouldn’t love such a treat, right? Anyway, this is one that everyone in a family had enjoyed back when they were kids, and it is only natural that they would love an upgraded version of it.

You don’t have to care about the age group thingy, because certainly, everyone would love you for such treats.

Chocolate-Dipped Peppermint Sticks

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Not only are these peppermints great looking, but these are also amazingly good! I wish that I could describe to you of how good it tastes, but it would definitely have different tastes according to what brand of the ingredients you are going to use.

Using different ingredients would definitely make something better or worse, so it would be better if you will use the greatest ingredients you could ever use.


12 (5-inch) peppermint sticks
7 ounce(s) white chocolate, melted
1/4 cup(s) white nonpareils